Our managed print offering is very different. We don’t just manage printers, we manage user behaviours. Through our combined 50+ years’ experience the directors of Cable Blu have learnt that understanding employees print behaviours is the first step in controlling your costs and improving productivity. Cable Blu’s unique business intelligence tool gives C-Level access to powerful, interactive dashboards that unify user, device and document data. We not only manage your entire print fleet with automation and reporting, we also help manage user behaviours.

Hardware Data Dashboard

While traditional reporting tools only give you a 2-Dimensional view of printer data, Insight enables you to dig deep into Device, User and Document data with powerful drill-down capabilities. Once the data has been collected the organisation can make decisions on print rules that our innovative print rules engine enables you to enforce any printing policy you can imagine. See some of the insight below:

  • Insight into what types of printers are being used most.

    printer audit managed print solutions-1

  • Drill into specific types of devices, such as local printers, and see which have the highest volumes.

    printer volume audit managed print solutions

  • Look further into a particular device and discover key information about it, such as who’s printing to it the most and the size of each print job.

    user print behaviour audit managed print solutions

  • Go even deeper and reveal which documents the user is printing to this device, if jobs are being duplexed, printed in colour and more!

    user print behaviour by document managed print solutions


Would you like to reduce your office printing costs?

Contact Cable Blu and we can complete an audit and identify areas of opportunity within your business.

Employee Data Dashboard

Employee Audit Insight provides you with powerful insights into your employees work flow & print behaviors − giving you a detailed analysis allowing you to enforce any print policy whether your goals are to lower operating costs, reduce your carbon footprint or increase security.

The Importance Of Understanding Users Work Flow

Convenience printers used the right way can have a tremendous impact on productivity and cost, but when these tools are misused, the outcome greatly affects productivity and cost. Cable Blu customers use Print Rules to make sure users can still create the documents they need, but greatly reduce the cost to create these documents.

Employee Insight Uncovers:

  • Application Data: Not every application needs to be printed single sided or in colour. Insight gives you detailed information into each employee’s print behaviours by application.

  • Volume Data: Understand what each employee is producing and using. Set rules to minimise waste and and improve productivity

  • Spend Data: Compare employees monthly spend and understand where the opportunities are to reduce costs

print spend per employee managed print solutions

Users Top 10 Printing Leader Board

Insight gives you a variety of ways to deep dive into users work flow and print behaviors via its cutting edge reporting engine that let’s you drill into data like never before.

  • Insight into Top 10 users by spend.

  • Insight into Top 10 users by applications printed by volume and mix

  • Insight into users Top 10 Documents printed user and departments

  • Insight into Top 10 users by volume and use of duplexing.

  • Insight into much more

top 10 users by print colour managed print solutions print audit

Would you like to reduce your office printing costs?

Contact Cable Blu and we can complete an audit and identify areas of opportunity within your business.