Customer Engagement Specialist

Have you ever had a Sales Person go missing after the sale was complete? This is a common problem. Once commissions are paid for your sale you are often no longer their priority.

We recognized this so we decided to manage customers differently. We assign you a Customer Engagement Specialists whose sole role is to keep YOU happy. They don’t have sales targets like Sales People. Instead they are performance measured on achieving customer satisfaction targets. This change in the way we manage customers is why we have extremely happy customers like Suzie in our customer video attached.

Business Consultant /Product Specialist

IT and business systems should be driving your business forward, but instead you find yourself worrying about constant problems and missing out on the reliability and financial flexibility you really need. Our consultants work with you to address these needs across all areas from a simple copier/printer right thru to servers and desktops.

IT Services Support

Have you ever had a photo copier company tell you, “There is nothing wrong with your machine, it’s your network.”? Well with Cable Blu we don’t finger point because we can support both (Printers and Copiers, your networks, email and desktops) We provide leading IT services to customers; ranging from small to enterprise-sized organisations.

Hardware Support

Selecting the right copier vendor to support your office is confusing. They all sound the same but we know they are not.

Our IT Services staff have vast experience managing every type of network and printer brand in the industry … They know which brands are best and which brands are not, so through their expertise, Cable Blu utilised their extensive experience to select the best vendors to partner with. One of these is Konica Minolta. From our IT services experience Konica Minolta engineers provide superior levels of onsite support for customers. Equipped with the latest software including laptops, a high speed wireless connection and PDAs, Konica Minolta engineers are able to move faster from one call to the next – ordering replacement parts from the local distribution centres in advance.

Another attribute our Cable Blu analysts like is the Konica Minolta Australian helpdesk. They didn’t like the fact that the other big vendors prioritized $$ over customer service by moving their helpdesks offshore.Cable Blu chooses Australian based support providers as our 1st priority on all occasions.