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Ex-Fuji Xerox agents expand Cable Blu


Article by Print21 Former Fuji Xerox agents Rick Buscombe and Tim Hoffman, who left the company last year along with several colleagues, are looking to expand their own print management and IT support service Cable Blu to new markets in Sydney and Brisbane. The pair announced the move in a media statement titled: Corporate Laziness Replaced [...]

What Happened To Good, Old Fashioned Customer Service?

Customer Service|

In some ways, technology has brought us a new era in customer service. The problem is that, like all new eras, it isn’t perfect. For example, the ability to automate much of customer service has cost business in ways that aren’t easily discernible. These ways are often invisible to the business owner or executive, but are quite visible to customers. [...]

How to lower printing costs and improve IT management

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While outsourcing has become a major business practice over the last twenty years, business printing has rarely been one of the areas outsourced. The main reason is that business printing has not been looked upon as a major operation. Printing was traditionally regarded as just another business activity. Ironically, the hidden costs of printing can be quite a problem, [...]