While outsourcing has become a major business practice over the last twenty years, business printing has rarely been one of the areas outsourced. The main reason is that business printing has not been looked upon as a major operation. Printing was traditionally regarded as just another business activity.

Cable Blu Print Management gaining efficienciesIronically, the hidden costs of printing can be quite a problem, there is downtime and expensive service calls, not to mention the cost of toner and ink. Even so, too many people view the printer as only a device that sits in the corner printing away. This is because there was a time, back in the days of dot-matrix, when the printer was just another output. People got in the habit of regarding print output as nothing special and that habit has become ingrained in the business culture. And while it may have been true at one time, it’s not true today.

In these days of global networking, cloud storage and cloud computing, the day to day “paperwork” of business is increasingly being done electronically. This hasn’t made the printer obsolete, it has only made it more important. What gets printed today is what’s important enough to commit to paper.network printing

Businesses increasingly rely on printing to communicate with customers, document important tasks, provide evidence of compliance with regulations, plus drive productivity. Printing is no longer an isolated activity, but has become integrated with the entire IT platform. Consequently, printing and IT have become two important components of the cost structure of any business.

IT is the modern way people do business and the hard copies are the way to document important customer interactions. This means that lowering printing costs and managing IT efficiently will not only increase ROI, it will also increase profits by increasing customer satisfaction through bringing companies closer to their customers.

Well managed IT automatically improves customer relations by diminishing bureaucracy and lowering the communication barriers between the customer and the company. Also, low cost and efficient printing can keep both customers and personnel up to speed.

Unfortunately, many small businesses cannot afford to support a full IT department and don’t have the time to determine whether or not their printing operations are sufficiently cost effective. This is where outsourcing comes in. Cable Blu provides a comprehensive office management system that manages everything from desktops to server support for printers. Each of our customers is assigned a Customer Engagement Specialist whose sole purpose is your satisfaction and whose performance is measured through reaching customer satisfaction targets. This means no forced selling or pushing sales-centric upgrades. With Cable Blu, your satisfaction comes first. Contact us at info@cableblu.com.au and find out what we can do for you.  

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